2009's DO'S and DONT'S in Fashion.

Calling all fashion challenged ladies. Listen up! Here’s some free fashion advice that comes down right from the pro’s. Want to look like you know what you’re doing? Then read on and follow the directions… Want to learn how to be a Fashionista? Here’s how..

Let’s start with the Dont’s.

DON’T Show your thong. Ladies, not for anything but really? NO ONE wants to see it! Not only does it look sloppy it says a whole lot about you, and ain’t none of it any good. Like what you’re thinking? Like, it looks slobbish, like you’re an “easy mark”, cheap and lacking in self respect and dignity. Then again, if this is the look you’re going for, then by all means, let your thong show.

DON’T wear your pajama pants in public. I mean c’mon now ladies are you for real!? I’ve seen women of all ages wearing this ridiculous get up in public. Pajama pants with flip flops, their boyfriends boxers to!.. Here’s a clue ladies, You look ridiculous! Just don’t do it.

DON’T become one big body piercing. Yes I know, lots of people like body piercing but I hate to tell ya this, it’s on it’s way out. If you’re a rock star you can still pull it off but, if you’re an everyday lady who works 9 to 5 it just ain’t happenin anymore. Still want to have some piercings? Then you should but for the sake of the rest of us who have to look at you all day? Keep em hidden except, in your ears please!

DON’T look like a disco ball. Ladies? The Bedazzler went out many many moons ago. A few sequins splashed here and there are OK but CZ’s belong in your jewelry box, not all over your clothes and accessories unless, you’re nine and even then it’s not recommended.

DON’T become a piece of Tupperware!… Plastic surgery can be useful in cases where people are disfigured and even for those who are a tad vein an want a little nip and tick but, notice I said LITTLE. Too much botox and plastic on the face makes you look like a wax figure. YOU may think it looks good but honey, I can tell you, it doesn’t. As for your boobs? Some women need a little “boost” in their boobage but for all you ladies who’s boobs enter a room 10 minutes before you? It doesn’t look good and we do NOT want to see them..Put em away, get em shrunk just keep em to yourself thanks. And lets not forget the lips. Oh Puleaseeeee, EASY on the botox and plumping agents.. Lips are meant to compliment our face not make you look like you’ll be landing at LAX in 10 minutes or less.

Now on to some of the DO’s.

DO wear a pop of color with your outfits. If you’re going all black, white or gray then you NEED a pop of color. It could be any one of a hundred accessories. Try some colored earrings, a belt, a scarf, a handbag even a great pair of shoes but Pop that color baby.

DO wear clothes that fit your body style. Don’t try and stuff your size 12 bottom into a size 6. It just doesn’t look good. Actually, it makes you look awful. If you’re unsure what your body style is, look at some of todays fashion magazines or go to a high end department store and speak to someone there who is knowledgeable and they will be able to tell you.

DO wear shirts that have a beaded neckline but, leave it at that. Don’t add any extra necklaces because that beaded neckline on your top will be just enough and look very pretty as well as outlining your face.

DO keep your nails on the shorter side and painted in a nice neutral tone for a clean, polished look. Ladies, talon nails went out with the 80’s. They aren’t flattering and they make you look like a bubble head. The clean, polished look is the way to go.

These are just a few of 2009’s DO’s and DONT’s. If you want more, check out a Glamour Magazine for a full list.

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