Home Shopping & High Def?… Not So Much

I couldn’t not post about this… As some of you know I love home shopping off the TV.. I really buy mostly from QVC and once in a while off of HSN.. Depends on the product and you have to really do your research before you buy anything.

Tonight, I’m sitting here watching HSN present, It Cosmetics. It’s an eye kit with all these different colors and brushes etc. The total cost is $69.00 before shipping and tax.. Well, they just showed a close up of a woman’s eyes of before and after shots and they had them both on the screen together.

Belly laugh number two for today. I’m starting to get lucky with these belly laughs today. When you looked at the before and after, the host and the company rep are going on and on ad naseum how wonderful the product is and “Oh, Look at her eyes! They look so beautiful!” I guess they didn’t see that the woman had more wrinkles “in the after” picture then she did in the before picture..

Home Shopping Channels I have one piece of advice.. You really need to work on your presentations because now that television is in High Def, we can all see exactly what we’re getting. No more hiding behind the gauze of television yesteryear. We can see it all. Better stock up on those wrinkle creams and acne lotions!

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