Classic films? Love em. Today’s films? Not So much.

Hello everyone!
As some of you know I am an avid Classic Movie buff.. Yes, I like some new movies that come out but much more prefer to watch a good old black and white classic. I bet you’re wondering why I would say that with all the technology they use in movies today.. Well, thats pretty much why and a few other reasons thrown in as well..

Lets start with some of the new movie technology.. You can see movies today that are completely computer generated which to me doesn’t look very good. Fascinating yes, but also a little odd looking at the same time. Then there’s the movies they put out where the camera is moving so much that if you weren’t dizzy before you entered the theater you can be sure when you leave, your balance will be much less than straight and people may think you tied one on while watching the movie.. I really don’t want to go watch a movie and come out feeling like the 9 year old who’s been on a two and a half hour roller coaster ride and is now ready to lose all that ice cream and candy he ate before getting on the ride.

And then there’s ALWAYS the token sex scene.. I have noticed that any movie for adults that is not rated G in todays world always has to have a sex scene.. The story line can be really good and you’re sitting there getting into the whole thing and then wham! there it is.. Clothes flying off, body parts going every which way. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not what some might call a prude but really, I honestly think every movie producer feels if they don’t put some kind of sex scene in a movie it won’t sell and personally I think sometimes it ruins the movie. I mean take for instance you’re watching this highly charged movie where the plot is two people running from oh I don’t know, some kind of government agency because they hold a secret that can never be revealed. One minute they are running for their lives down a New York City street and then two seconds later you see them hiding out in some seedy hotel having sex and your mind kind of does a… Huh?

Lastly, I am totally turned of by the use of language used in movies today.. Every other word is a curse word. It’s F this and F that etc etc.. Why? Can Hollywood not produce a movie without cursing or sex anymore? Has talent fallen that much that they feel they need these items to compensate?

So now you know my reasons why I mostly stick to the oldie but goody movies. They are well written stories brought to the silver screen with no sex scenes, no cursing and guess what? They’re GOOD movies! Some are epics that will never be forgotten.. How many movies in today’s world can you say that about? Maybe a handful…

Now that you understand my feelings about the movies I’ll review some really good classic films you may even want to see. Imagine that!


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