Happy Mothers Day……

Mothers Day is not a holiday I really celebrate anymore since losing my Mom.. In the last 8 years since her passing it was bringing me more emotional pain than anything else so usually I just would sleep the day away and ignore the whole thing entirely.. Well I must be healing somewhat in the emotional dept because this year with the help of my husband I was a little better about the whole Happy Mothers day thing…

My husband tried to make the day special for me because he knows how I feel about it how I hurt when it rolls around so this year He AND the dogs mind you bought me some pretty wild flowers, a Tingnanello handbag I’ve been wanting and a card that actually made me belly laugh, something I haven’t done in ages.. The card reads on the front, “When I see how the kids look at you I realize I’m not the only one who loves you, well my husband altered it too read “When I see how the DOGS looks at you I realize I’m not the only one who loves you”… Inside it had a pretty verse and then he added “WE hope you have a T-ARF-IC day!.” .. Well I just thought that was pretty funny as well as sweet and he signed it from himself and all the dogs….

I also wished my own mom a happy mothers day many times throughout the day and was able to see her in my minds eye smiling which is a HUGE change from what it had been .. So this year, thanks too my husband and Im sure, my mom wherever she may be I made it through a little easier..

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