My Decision

John 8:36

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed”

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Son. The Son of the one true and living God, free me O’Lord from

-my vices

-my addictions

-my fear

-my illnesses

-my sinfulness

-my unhappiness

You, O’Lord can make me truly free.



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Spring Has Sprung In The South


I think it’s official. Spring has finally sprung in the South. We have had an unseasonable cold and longer-ish winter this year in my part of South Carolina near the coast but, I see new signs of life all over my property.


The pear tree has some new blooms.


And the peach blossoms are also blooming. While taking some of these photos the bees were also buzzing doing their annual pollinating dance.


Yes, even weeds can be pretty and bring back memories. When we were young children we used to pick these, make a wish and blow the heads away into the wind. Did you do that?


And once my cherry tree begins to blossom I know it’s officially spring. Welcome new life.

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Unexpected Life

_It's the Unexpected thatchanges our lives_

It’s been a long time since I posted. I really thought I would begin paying more attention to my blog in 2018. That was my intention anyway.. What’s that old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”?.. Yeah….

I haven’t been around because 2018 took a turn in February that I could have never expected. The short of a very long story is that my husband contracted the flu which then caused double pneumonia which landed him in the hospital by ambulance on February sixteenth which then landed him in the intensive care until, being put on a breathing ventilator and into a medicated coma for twenty-four hours where doctors would not tell me if he was going to make it or not.. Yeah.. life unexpected.

My husband had a heart attack in 2016 and ever since then his body has never been the same. He’s been diagnosed with congestive heart failure as well and he has to take water pills because he fills up with fluid and now this. Honestly, I know life is never what we think it will be but I never expected my husband who is only sixty years old and looks forty-eight would become so poorly in health so young.


This is the man I married not once, but twice. No we didn’t divorce we just remarried each other in the Church. (see photo above)  He is the love of my life, he is my everything and twice now in less than two years I’ve almost lost him. If you think that doesn’t make one walk on egg shells twenty four seven I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

Then there is myself. I have something on the back of my leg that has been there for at least the last four months and because of all that’s been going on with my husband I forgot to tell my doctor until about a week ago. I will be going for a biopsy this Thursday and praying it’s nothing serious because I don’t think I could handle one more thing at this point in my life.

I often wonder if there really is such a thing as “victim souls”… Souls that God chooses for suffering for the good of the suffering soul as well as for other souls who need help.  Maybe that’s my lot in life. If it’s Gods will then I accept it I just wish there was a way to be sure..

I hope to write more but until then, I wish you all the Lords peace and blessings upon you and yours.

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I Ain’t Doin It

Well folks a new year has begun and along with it comes those dreaded ‘resolutions’ that so many people make.

As for myself, I stopped making resolutions years ago. I think they just put more added pressure on us, as if we didn’t already have enough and, when these ‘resolutions’ aren’t met they lead to let down and for some, even depression. So my question is, Why do that to yourself…My answer is, Nuh uh, I ain’t doin it.

I will tell you however what I do, do. Do do? Hmmm. Moving on..
Now I guess you can call them goals if you like but I still feel like that’s too much pressure so I call it aspirations. Things I would like to aspire to do. Sounds better doesn’t it? It also doesn’t feel pressurized to me either.
So what are my aspirations for this fresh new year?
Each day I want to become closer to the Lord through scripture reading, meditation and prayer. I want to know Him more. How can I say “I love you Lord” if I don’t know him? I want to spend more time with Him because that’s what we do with those we love isn’t it?
I do not make ‘plans’ for the future for two reasons. 1. As the old saying goes, “man plans, God laughs” and 2. We each are never guaranteed another day. We have only this very moment. God holds our very next breath in His loving hands. So instead of ‘planning’ I live for the moment and will try as best I can to make good use of the time the good Lord sees fit to give me.
I would like my social media time to become minimal. I think back to the days before I joined Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and I remember what I used to do before these things. While social media can be helpful it can also be very hurtful in that it takes us away from what we truly enjoy. If anyone tells you there’s no such thing as social media addiction you tell them they’re wrong. Because they are. I want to get back to living life and not through a computer or iPhone screen.
I would like to get back to my blogging on a regular basis. My blog began as some place for me to share the ordinary of my daily life. And this is something I would really love to get back too.
I would like to keep ontop of my e-mails instead of letting them pile up to over five hundred e-mails and missing important e-mails from people I like and love because they got lost in the shuffle. I have already begun to unsubscribe from many store adverts and newsletters. Only keeping the ones I truly enjoy.
I would like to ‘spend more time’ with my husband. You know, after being married so many years, many of us get into a rut. We live in the same house but most of the time we are off in separate rooms doing our own things. Me and the Mr. are no different but I would like this to change. We have become too ‘comfortable” I think it’s time we become ‘uncomfortable’ and learn a ‘new kind of comfortable’ together.
I would like to go to bed earlier and rise earlier. I love the early morning hours. If only my eyes would stay open.
And lastly, I would like to live my motto. I want to just……… Simply.
So what about you? What are YOUR aspirations for this fresh new year?

Weekend In The Life

Weekend In The Life

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was as always, a bit loud, a bit of the unexpected and just, well, our lives. So I thought I’d share some of it with you. This past week was so incredibly busy, there wasn’t one day I was home so you can imagine everything just got backed up. Laundry, clutter etc. By Friday my body was not happy with me at all so on Saturday, I tried to catch up a little bit but that didn’t happen because I had to go back out to Walmart and get what they couldn’t for my food shopping. Has anyone ever used the Wal-Mart pick up service? This is the second time I’ve used it and I have to tell you it saves me tons in pain and fatigue but the downside is sometimes they don’t have everything you ordered so you have to still go out and get what they couldn’t. Instead of doing laundry etc on Saturday I ran errands and then my body was completely finished with me so I didn’t get much else accomplished. I went to lay down around 1pm in the afternoon and all the sudden I heard what sounded like a sinking ship coming from my bathroom. Yup, the septic tank decided this was the weekend it was going to back up and need to be pumped out.

I panicked of course because it was a Saturday. I can’t tell you how many places I called. Turns out, I only have two in my area. One was closed and the other, oh sure they were open but instead of it costing me $275.00 they charged me $375.00 because you know, “it’s a Saturday and that’s consider an emergency call”. What a racket. The guy didn’t get here until 4:30 pm and was finished by 5:30 pm. Yes, we held it that long. Sorry. TMI.

But even still, the Lord saw fit to bless us in this mess anyway. Saturday morning, we had our deck fixed. The woman who cleans for me, her fiance came and fixed our deck for us for free. So thankkful for the kindness of others. The boards were rotting and we were about to fall through it. As a matter of fact, my oldest dog Jake who I’ll discuss in a moment did fall through it last Thursday. His front paw went straight into the hole in one of the boards and almost his whole arm got stuck in there. It was awful but he’s alright. So now the boards are fixed and the deck is secure.

IMG_0071 (1)

This morning, (Sunday), I wanted to go to Mass but my body was not having it. I am not surprised after the week I had so my morning began around 6:30 am with this.


Once I was able to get my butt out of bed, no small feat mind you, it was time to cook breakfast for the hubby, put the laundry away that I had washed a week ago and start washing the laundry that had piled up all week.


After I got the laundry done, I looked at the sad faces of my four youngest monkeys and decided since it’s such a nice day outside it was time for some short walks.


And let me tell you , it ain’t easy. Because the two big ones need to be walked separately and Toby, the black and white one doesn’t know how to walk on a leash very well no matter how hard I try to train him. But, it was too beautiful not to take them.

 The husband decided it was time to burn the boxes we had laying around from the week. Why did we have boxes? Because we put down some carpet tiles in our dining room on Wednesday. I had a ceramic tile floor and it was a very light grey color. I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose that when we have six dogs. I washed that floor every single day, sometimes two and three times a day and I finally had it. So Wednesday morning we went to Lowes, bought the carpet tiles and laid them down the same morning.


(Don’t mind my monkeys in the photo)

Then it was off to burn the boxes.


In between all this I cleaned up the kitchen, the bedroom and washed my makeup brushes.


For the rest of the day I’m going to take a much needed nap, make eggplant roll ups for dinner for my husband and then I’d like to read some tonight which is something I love to do but have really gotten away from this year. Somewhere along the line I must watch the season finale of “Versailles”. Does anyone else watch that show? I love it but I just wish there were more episodes.

Have a great week everyone!

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